Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well I'm off to see more places, I can't wait to show you this great and beautiful place.

Today i ended up driving around looking for places to shoot. Special thanks to David and Mel! and Gene Meneray at the Arts Council. Without you it would have been harder to uncover my trip. Here is a house in the Ninth Ward belonging to a wonderful couple, Alphonso and Bobby A. Williams. As I was driving I saw this group of volunteers from Son Servants, having lunch on the front porch. This is it! New Orleans = progress.
The determination and pride everyone in this city has, is something I rarely see. It's that and the willingness to have progress/change that brings communities together and opportunities develop.
Thank you Son Servants, and Alphonso and Bobby.

I can't forget to post this. Clarksdale,MS, the birthplace of the Blues. Ground Zero is a sweet spot. Every surface has been touched and everything has a place in history. Check it out at http://www.groundzerobluesclub.com/ what's up Abraham!

Blues, the soul and heart of America.

Monday, June 29, 2009

This was off highway 278 on my way to Clarksdale, MS.
Finally, New Orleans! After driving on some great scenic routes, I'm introduced to a dark cool gray sky marbled with lightning above the causeway. This place has already captured me. 

This is Rowan Oak, home of writer William Faulkner. In the center of Oxford, this site has become a symbol of the city. I decided to switch it up and create a cycle of Progress. The paradox of construction-destruction or life-death. 

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oxford, Mississippi! Oh boy is it hot. I don't even have to move and I'm sweating. This is across the street from Kevin & Lou's place. Thank you Susan and Ron for letting my set up in your front lawn. I couldn't ask for a better backdrop.
First installation of the trip. 6 am this morning in Tennessee. Little did I know there was a rain storm right behind me. As light rain begins to fall I run back to the car with the plywood seats. Within seconds the wind and rain are full force. The chairs soaked, shoes full of water. My dolly and chairs fighting the weather as I roll them back to the car. Ten minutes down highway 7 there's no sign of rain anywhere on the hot dry pavement.
Here it is, all 6 chairs of Progress. This is 8 pm on the 26th just a little behind schedule. Later I came to realize that without working a/c in the xterra it's a good thing I'm driving at night. Destination: Oxford, Mississippi!