Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A welcoming bonfire for me and a friend's dog that returned home. It's good to be back.
I've been back in North Carolina for a few days now and it almost seems unreal that I went on a trip with a bunch of chairs (6 to be exact). Set them up in numerous cities as I ventured throughout the U.S.
Lets see North Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Maryland. That's not too bad for my first solo road trip.

I commend the Park Police for their remarkable response. In less than one minute of installing the chairs, they greet me. The difference here was they were actually nice and let me take a few pictures before making me take it down. (And they also rode in on horses!) There seems to be a weird force field around public areas. The access key, a permit. I still don't have a clear understanding of why one needs a permit for a temporary installation of art. Especially in a public area. I feel like everyone is so afraid of getting sued or legalities, that we've helped to eliminate freedoms that should exist. I figure next time I go on a trip like this maybe I should take Flat Stanley instead.

This was taken in Detroit, MI.
I have realized that what people often say about certain areas or places should be heard but not lived by. There tends to be bad areas throughout the world. If one has these prejudices prevent them from exploring, then how much of the world have you not seen because of rumors or fears.

I stand in the middle of the street taking photos. Darkness fell 30 minutes ago, the damp cold grasps me as I see a figure walking closer. Not much taller than me 5'4. This man is caring a sack of clothes, a sack of cans and a beaten down rocking horse (propped on his left shoulder) We nod and continue on with our business. A great man I'm sure, could be a king from a distant place or the world's #1 dad. I'll never know. His image is forever branded when I think about that night. The man with the rocking horse, someone I wish I knew.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An old machine shop in Elkhart, Indiana. The safety memos on the door were dated back in 2001.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My friend Seth and I went to the south side of Chicago. An abandoned building sat at the end of a road, piercing the skies with its height. To be inside of this calm textured palace I escape into a truth that within years will be demolished and replaced with a dull lifeless cage. There's an irreplaceable beauty within abandoned buildings.
They have so much to say and yet few will venture in their midst to hear their spoken words.

This is one of the coolest people I met in Chicago, Billy Bob! I wish you well man and a good life.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hostile grounds

I received some of the greatest responses from people at this spot. It was also one of the shortest installments. Security from the very beginning was on me. "Sir, I'm going to have to call my supervisor, I don't know if you can be here" "Go ahead and call, I'm going to set this up first" Once it was in place I was racing to get photos. I want to give a special thanks to all of you from Inaside Chicago Dance! You guys are amazing, thanks for coming out and sitting down.
I ask the security guard "So what do you think about this installation?'
"My supervisor is on her way"
"Don't worry about your supervisor, do you like it? The way it reflects off the piece, how people interact with it , how the steps of chairs progress? What do you think about it?"
"My supervisor should be here in a minute"

A few tense moments with the supervisor and the piece was no more. I do like how it's temporary but I really wish more people could have seen it that day. One more second, another glance, one more life touched.

Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, IL.

Lake Mendota and the sinking ship

This was the perfect windy day for the sail team to head out on Lake Mendota. It was a spectacular sight to watch them collect their equipment, team together and get ready for their outing.
As I video tape them getting blown away I step back to take more photos. A gust of wind decides to push over my video camera and tripod. (Ka PLUNK!) I jump to the planks reaching out for a sinking ship. There was no hope as I watch small trails of bubbles rising from even deeper depths. Some things are meant to be and maybe this moment wasn't meant to be recorded but remembered instead.

Lauren and Calvin thanks for everything. Lauren I decided to not ask permission and just do it. I think that's what I've learned from this trip, when involving an authority the answer is most likely no. Why risk a no upfront and prevent myself from doing something that could be great! It was a pleasure talking with you. Calvin I know it took a little while but here you go! Thanks for the photo and I wish you well man. Email me and I'll send you the shots.
University of Wisconsin, you really make me want to go to school again...

This was taken in Library Mall on the University of Wisconsin campus. There are some great things being made on the 7th floor of the Humanities building. I highly recommend checking it out! Nick, thanks for the short tour.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pappajohn Sculpture Park

This is in Des Moines, Iowa. A beautiful place where people can get inspired and walk amongst work done by great artists. That night I met Andrew Wagner from Ready-Made magazine. It was a pleasure sharing my ideas with you and talking about the world. You can read a short blurb he wrote about that night here,
I love the opportunity for chance. That moment when things just happen, unexpectedly, and out of the ordinary. Try not to plan to much through life and open it to chance. Go with the flow.

Kuehn Conservation Area

Dallas County, Iowa

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Help me publish the progress book!

I recently posted up this project on This is a really cool site that gives artists an opportunity to propose a project to people like yourselves and gain support to make the project come to life. I want to make a publication afterwards. A collection of all my experiences, photos, and commentary on the people I've met and the cities I've seen. Check it out (link on the right of this page) There are rewards or gifts for donations depending on the amount. If you're not feeling any of the rewards there is an option to just donate to donate. Thanks for all your support.


A sunny day in WI

I get to Madison, WI and have no where to really go. I find myself driving along Monona Dr. and stop across the street from Olbrich Park. As I walk closer to the lake shore I admire the vast space sparkling under the sun and the buildings of downtown towering over. A lifeguard chair stands vacant as I begin to ascend to the top where I rest for a good thirty minutes in the sun. Emerging from my nap I decide it is time to go. Half way to the car a flock of seagals fly above, I lay down on the grass under a beautiful tree and fall asleep for a good twenty minutes more. I wake to the sight of these white birds still soaring in the sky above. They're just flying to fly and enjoying this crisp clear blue sky. I observe them for a while getting lost in the patterns of flight and the thought of what it is they're experiencing. Maybe it's similar to how I feel on the road, driving to drive on the endless American black top roads.