Thursday, October 1, 2009

A sunny day in WI

I get to Madison, WI and have no where to really go. I find myself driving along Monona Dr. and stop across the street from Olbrich Park. As I walk closer to the lake shore I admire the vast space sparkling under the sun and the buildings of downtown towering over. A lifeguard chair stands vacant as I begin to ascend to the top where I rest for a good thirty minutes in the sun. Emerging from my nap I decide it is time to go. Half way to the car a flock of seagals fly above, I lay down on the grass under a beautiful tree and fall asleep for a good twenty minutes more. I wake to the sight of these white birds still soaring in the sky above. They're just flying to fly and enjoying this crisp clear blue sky. I observe them for a while getting lost in the patterns of flight and the thought of what it is they're experiencing. Maybe it's similar to how I feel on the road, driving to drive on the endless American black top roads.

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