Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lake Mendota and the sinking ship

This was the perfect windy day for the sail team to head out on Lake Mendota. It was a spectacular sight to watch them collect their equipment, team together and get ready for their outing.
As I video tape them getting blown away I step back to take more photos. A gust of wind decides to push over my video camera and tripod. (Ka PLUNK!) I jump to the planks reaching out for a sinking ship. There was no hope as I watch small trails of bubbles rising from even deeper depths. Some things are meant to be and maybe this moment wasn't meant to be recorded but remembered instead.

Lauren and Calvin thanks for everything. Lauren I decided to not ask permission and just do it. I think that's what I've learned from this trip, when involving an authority the answer is most likely no. Why risk a no upfront and prevent myself from doing something that could be great! It was a pleasure talking with you. Calvin I know it took a little while but here you go! Thanks for the photo and I wish you well man. Email me and I'll send you the shots.
University of Wisconsin, you really make me want to go to school again...

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